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Gleaming Glass is a Tulsa window cleaning company serving tulsa and the surrounding cities. Garrett is the owner of Gleaming Glass, and he started the company in 2011 during his senior year of high school. He is currently both the owner and operator, but he is hoping to hire his first employee in 2018. Something that sets Gleaming Glass apart from their competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma is they ride from job to job in what he calls the Tulsa bubble truck.

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He mounted a bubble machine to the back of his truck, and this thing produces a ton of bubbles which tend to attract a lot of attention to the advertising on the truck. Garrett mentioned that he turns on the bubble machine while at stop lights, stop signs, or while he is driving through parking lots. He even leaves the bubble machine running in the parking lot while he eats at his favorite restaurant, chick-fil-A. Check out this video Garrett took of a family taking pictures with his truck at the Chick-fil-A parking lot!

Garrett tells us the bubble machine brings him as much happiness as it does for the people of Tulsa. “It just makes driving a lot of fun. You know that feeling back when you were young and you first got your driver’s license? You thought to yourself, or at least I did, that driving wherever you want, whenever you want will never get old. Unfortunately, that feeling eventually wears off. However, with this bubble machine mounted on my window cleaning truck, that feeling is back! I actually look forward to driving now because I know it’s going to make a lot of people happy, and as a result I’m going to be happier. It’s funny how something as simple as bubbles floating through the air, has the power to make a person’s day.”

If you are in the Tulsa area looking to get a window cleaning estimate you can get an instant estimate off their website here: instant window cleaning estimate

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  • www.gleaminglass.com
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